Who are the Key organisations that you could go to for support, how could you support us and a huge thanks to our key corporate supporters

Who are the key organisations?

There are a whole host of support groups, organisations and charities around the country, who provide some kind of support or services to those military service personnel, veterans, their partners and families, who face a daily struggle with mental health challenges including PTSD.

The problem now, it could be argued, is that there are so many around who are all working independently of one another, that it can prove to be very confusing and at times overwhelming. Below you will see a list of the top ten, with a brief explanation of what they do and a link to their website, if you are still unsure, then feel free to contact us and we will signpost you to who we think might best suit your specific circumstances;

Combat Stress

Combat Stress is the UK's leading veterans' mental health charity. We treat a range of mental health conditions including PTSD, depression and anxiety. Find out more here

PTSD Resolution

PTSD Resolution helps Veterans, TA and Reservists who are struggling to reintegrate into a normal work & family life because of military trauma suffered during service in the armed forces. Find out more here


PTSD UK is currently the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder for anyone affected. Evidence suggests that around 70% of people who suffer with PTSD in the UK do not receive any professional help at all. Find out more here


PTSD Resolution helps Veterans, TA and Reservists who are struggling to reintegrate into a normal work & family life because of military trauma suffered during service in the armed forces. Find out more here

Help for Heroes

Hidden Wounds service provides free and confidential support to Ex-Service Personnel, their families and the families of those still serving. Find out more here

The Army's National Charity

Give a lifetime of support to soldiers and veterans from the British Army, and their immediate families, when they are in need. We make grants to individuals through their Regiments and Corps and support a wide range of specialist charities that sustain the British Army ‘family’, both at home and around the world. Find out more here

PTSD 999

To ensure that the Emergencyservices do not suffer in silence but have access to the resources andsupport they deserve and need. To remove the stigma, embarrassment and worryabout asking for help without fear of going on their record and fearof loosing everything. Find out more here

Veterans' Foundation

Assist people who are serving or who have served in the British armed forces and their dependants by advancing any lawful charitable purpose at the discretion of the trustees and in particular, but not exclusively, to make grants to other charities who assist serving and former members of the armed forces and their dependants who are in need. Find out more here

British Legions

The Legion provides a range of services to support you through transitions, change, new information or just needing a break. Find out more here


We are building what is likely to be one of the world's best clinical rehabilitation centres for the armed forces and the nation on a site in the Midlands. Find out more here


The businesses below are key to the ongoing support that First Step Forward can provide and as such it is only right that we explain just how each of them are involved and have gained the following statements from them;

  • - ChrisBrown, Ethos.
  • "The ability to support veterans, forward my experiences and assist them with their transition both into society and employment, whilst guiding them through their own set of mental health challenges, is more of an honour than a chore and I only hope that Wilsons Life can help make a difference" - Nick Wilson, Working Minds Matter
  • - Chris Warrilow, Oxfordshire Chauffeur's.


Although we have the support of those organisations above and for that, we are extremely grateful, however there is always more that can be done and with the mainstream charities inundated with requests for support, from the thousands of military service personnel, veterans, their partners and families, they are naturally limited as to what can be done.

We therefore ask for your support and regardless as to whether it is your time, your professional and/or your financial support, there are many varying ways in which you can provide us with assistance;

Are you a Veteran recovering from mental health challenges or have recovered and wish to assist others by sharing your experiences? By providing a Mentor to those who are just beginning to travel the journey, that you have already been down, they could benefit from your experiences, thoughts and opinions on the confusing number of organisations and support groups that are around.

Are you a Life Coach, EFT, NLP and/or CBTspecialist and willing to provide workshops and/or one to one Coaching supportto groups and individuals around the country? By joining our database andoffering your support, regardless as to your location, we can start to provideadditional self-help workshops around the whole country, ensuring no one missesout on support simply due to their locality.

Are you interested in providing financial assistance, would you  like to advertise on this website and/or even on the Forces Online website or maybe you might like to sponsor one of our Workshops or Presentations and then there are the all important donations, that keep us moving forward?

Whatever you are interested in, regardless as to the amount or size of involvement, we would love to hear from you, so please register Your Interest, informing us of the type of support you are interested in providing.

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