Empowering Military personnel, Veterans and their Partners who live with Mental Health challenges such as and not restricted to: Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to better manage their own lives through Self-Awareness, Self-Help and Self-Care


First Step Forward is a not for profit organisation that promotes Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Self-Help, providing: Advice, Training and Signposting services to Veterans and Partners regarding their Mental Health or what we refer to as Mind Wellness. This site provides information, signposting and support services, including various local support groups, organisations and charities that provide advice and assistance to those individuals who are struggling with accepting or coming to terms with the wide variety of Mental Health challenges, that 1 in 4 of people in the UK will face at some point in their lives. 

Through the services available, we will be able to offer: Mental Health Awareness Workshops that provides a better understanding of the subject, Mental Health First Aid courses where you can become a qualified Mental Health First Aider and Self-help Workshops, where qualified Coaches and Mentors, will offer alternative therapies such as NLP and EFT. The aim is to Empower Veterans to better manage their lives whilst awaiting professional services and further support from other organisations and/or mainstream charities, by learning some of the various tools, techniques and helpful coping strategies that will be of assistance to them. 


With the ever increasing number of PTSD cases overwhelming the mainstream charities such as Combat Stress and PTSD Resolutions, there is an influx of local support groups being formed, providing critical initial assistance and guidance, as Veterans begin to support themselves and one another.

Unfortunately, PTSD is only one of the Mental Health illnesses that serving personnel, veterans and their partners are being diagnosed with. Therefore the importance of ensuring these individuals gain invaluable information, advice and support as soon as possible, cannot be underestimated. Self-awareness, self-help and self-care can be extremely effective in recognising symptoms and identifying how to best manage them, although should not be seen as a replacement for seeing professional, qualified personnel. However, with increasingly longer waiting times at our Doctors surgeries and mainstream charities due to overwhelming numbers, it is the next best thing.

We are looking to update this map, with the details of the various support groups around the country and as such we would welcome your assistance in completing this task. Please do Contact Us with as much information as you can, when informing us of these essential groups.

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First Step Forward was founded by Nick Wilson, a Veteran who has faced and in ways, is still facing the struggles of living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD. Nick identified, that whilst there is support around, it can be very confusing, overwhelming and time consuming trying to source the relevant organisation, that can provide the right assistance for you personally. Initially set up specifically for Veterans and their partners with Mental Health, as there was no user friendly, centrally located website where those struggling with PTSD could go to find what local support groups there were or where these individuals have the unique ability to gain access to self-help workshops and one to one life coaching.

However, after extensive research, supporting other Mental Health organisations and campaigns, it is clear that PTSD is only a small part of a much wider, Mental Health problem within the UK and with this danger now affecting our future generations, within Schools, Colleges and Universities, it is ever more important to ensure there is as much support available as possible, for ALL those Mental Health impacts on. Self-help is critical, although not ideal or recommended as a long-term solution without the correct treatment from qualified personnel, however with increasingly longer waiting times due to overwhelming numbers, it is the next best thing.

PTSD - A Personal Story

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The businesses below are key to the ongoing support that First Step Forward can provide and as such it is only right that we explain just how each of them are involved and have gained the following statements from them;

  • - ChrisBrown, Ethos.
  • "The ability to support veterans, forward my experiences and assist them with their transition both into society and employment, whilst guiding them through their own set of mental health challenges, is more of an honour than a chore and I only hope that Wilsons Life can help make a difference" - Nick Wilson, Working Minds Matter
  • - Chris Warrilow, Oxfordshire Chauffeur's.

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